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Pet Microchipping

Bring Your Lost Pet Home Safely

Sometimes Things Happen That Are Out Of Our Control

Keeping your pet safe is at the top of your list as a pet parent, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Pets can wander away from home without our knowledge. In those moments, proper identification is vital.

The Microchipping Process

A collar with ID tags can easily break or slip off your pet’s neck if it gets caught. Pet microchipping is a simple way to give your pet permanent identification. This simple process involves inserting a chip just below your pet’s skin containing your contact information.

We can perform the microchipping procedure at the same time as a wellness exam or yearly vaccinations. To insert the chip, we use a syringe to place it just beneath your pet’s skin. Your pet’s body surrounds the microchip with tissue over time to secure it in place.

Microchip Safety

The microchips we use for pet identification are tiny – about the size of a grain of rice. They also contain no batteries and are built with non-reactive materials. Because of their construction, there is no risk of your pet reacting poorly to the chip.
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How to Register Your Pet’s Microchip

After we perform the procedure, we will give you the instructions to register your pet to the microchip’s database. This process involves creating a profile and attaching your contact information to the ID number for your pet’s chip.

Updating your contact info is simple if you ever move or change phone numbers. You only need to log into the database and edit your information.

Returning Your Pet Home Safely

If your microchipped pet strays from home, their rescuer can bring them to any shelter or veterinarian for microchip scanning. Many chips will send you an automated notification if the chip is scanned. The person who found your pet will also receive your information to contact you.
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Get Your Pet Microchipped for Peace of Mind

At Bay Animal Hospital, we want you to be happily reunited if your pet is lost. Microchipping is the first step in ensuring that happens. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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